Cookbook Club

Whether you’re a cookbook enthusiast or a cooking novice, Cookbook Club is the place to meet other food lovers & home chefs, and help expand your recipe repertoire. Essentially, it’s a themed potluck where everyone brings a different dish from the same cookbook. Each month we choose a different book — anything from old-school classics to this year’s hottest read! Join us as we explore a wide variety of cuisines and cultures through the eyes of some of the world’s most influential chefs and authors.

Cookbook Club FAQ

What’s included in the ticket price? 

Cookbook Club is a monthly ticketed event. You may purchase individual tickets to each month’s meeting, or sign up for a 12 month or 6 month membership. This class is hosted at Oakley Wines so your ticket includes 1-2 glasses of wine, paired specifically for the cuisine. Along with the space rental and beverages, the Tablespoon chefs will bring along supplementary dishes so that no matter what everyone brings, you’ll always have a well-rounded meal.

I’m new to this whole cooking thing…what if my dish is terrible!?

Even our experienced regulars show up with concerns about what they’ve made. Nobody cares, we promise! We’ll all go around and talk about what went well and what was challenging for us. That’s the fun of it! You might not get any votes for the “best dish” award at the end, but we won’t tell anyone 😉

What if I don’t have this month’s book?

We encourage you to shop local and support our favorite independent bookseller, Joseph Beth Booksellers at Rookwood. They offer a 20% discount off Tablespoon’s Cookbook Club selections. If you aren’t able to purchase the book that month, that’s ok! Pick a recipe from the featured author’s website or blog, or bring a food item related to the theme.

I have allergies or dietary restrictions, is cookbook club right for me?

Probably! As long as we know in advance, we’ll make sure that you have plenty to eat. Plus – we’ll help you figure out what’s safe for you to eat based on the ingredients.