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TBSP Kids: Breakfast Favorites

June 23
11:00 am - 1:30 pm
Findlay Kitchen
1719 Elm Street
Cincinnati, OH 45220 United States

Mornings will never be a drag when your kids love making their own breakfasts! In this super fun hands-on class, your kids will learn to:

  • be safe in a kitchen
  • use knives safely to cut fruit and vegetables,
  • cook bacon and sausage thoroughly and safely, and
  • make Mickey Mouse pancakes, eggs and a fruit salad – completely from scratch!

Knowing how to cook and be safe in a kitchen is a crucial skill for healthy living in today’s busy world – and it’s easier to start when you’re young.

Our classes are taught by industry professionals and TBSP chefs will supervise students at all times to make sure they’re being safe and having fun.

Be sure to send your kids with some sturdy food-safe containers and tight-fitting lids to take home anything they make!


  • What ages are allowed? Our classes are designed for grades 3 and up. Younger students are welcome with parent supervision.
  • Can parents/adults stay and cook too? We try to let kids take the reins in this class, but parents are welcome to stay and observe!
  • Should kids eat beforehand? Our students can snack on ingredients as we cook, and will get to eat their creations at the end of class. We recommend having a good breakfast before class.